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About Me

I am a 19 y/o University Student studying Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen.
In my spare time I play video games and develop software.
I am very interested in Technology, Mathematics and Physics. I also enjoy movies and TV-shows, especially Doctor Who (it's the best show ever).
On this page you will be able to explore various projects that I have worked on and the technologies I have experience with. If that sounds fun keep reading and feel free to contact me if you want to chat :)

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A lot of my projects are available on my Github page. Below I have selected some of the most intersting projects. Click the links to check them out!
Programming Exam Project - Item Finder
Sorting Algorithms and Proofs
Hjijijing Tweening - Unity Tweening Library
URL Shortener
Sorting Algorithm Visualisation Tool
Cirkel Pong
CSGO Item Ranker
Robin The Hood Highscore

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The tech i have experience with
Programming Languages

  • Java - 8 years
  • HTML - 8 years
  • CSS - 8 years
  • C# - 5 years
  • C++ - 3 years
  • Python - 2 years
  • JavaScript - 2 years

Tools and Frameworks
  • Spigot - 7 years
  • Unity - 5 years
  • React - 2 years
  • p5.js - 2 years

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Eventually I will put in some pictures here but for now you can click the links :)

Instagram @hjijijing
Twitter @hjijijing
Youtube /c/hjijijingmc